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Learning Goals, Learning Targets, and Scales

At yesterday’s inservice, we were given a lot of information about learning goals, targets, and scales. While this information might seem overwhelming, there is very good news in the area of mathematics!

The building MARTs spent time this summer creating documents in which teachers can access learning goals for each unit in the Envisions series. We created targets for each lesson in a chart with a place for students to rate themselves both before and after the lesson is taught. This can be used digitally, printed out and put into students’ data notebooks, or modified as you see fit. 

The share site can be accessed here, just enter your district ID and password. Click on Math Grade ___ and you will see the document titled Grade___LearningGoalsandScales. Save it to your computer so you will have access to it whenever you need it.

This should help you as you start planning for the year. 


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