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Mind-Blowing Videos for September

Just wanted to share two videos with you.  Hopefully one of them is relevant to your classroom and can be used to amaze and impress your class. 

Video 1 is from TED Ed. If you don’t know about TED Ed, it is a fantastic resource for Science and Math related videos. There are also some that I’ve applied to Health and Social Studies. They are great- just always preview before showing because sometimes they can contain topics that you might not be ready to discuss with your students. 

This video discusses the idea that in Math, there are many unanswerable questions. A mathematician observed that there are the same number of even numbers as there are whole numbers in general. It doesn’t make sense when you think about it at first, but he’s right. This might be good to show in the beginning of the year, before your kids get too frustrated with Math…it’s good to know that not all questions have answers and even famous mathematicians get frustrated.

Video 2 is more universal. It can be used when you are talking about the size of numbers, place value, or just really large numbers in general. Even though it’s more of a science-related video, I would use this to start the unit on place value when I taught 5th grade math. I think any student in elementary school is amazed when they see this video though. It’s very popular (so you have to wait for an ad) but definitely worth watching. 




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