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Technology and Math

I just completed a Webinar titled “Integrating Technology to Increase Student Engagement and Accelerate Math Learning,” and heard some very interesting points being made. I know that in Howell, we have all been given the new gift of one-to-one technology. From what I’ve heard, reactions are mixed. Some people are thrilled and can’t wait to use the iPads and laptops in the classroom, others are more hesitant without much training on how these can be used to support and enhance classroom instruction. 

While my role is Math coach, I have experience in using technology to support the work that is done in the classroom. Even though these devices can definitely be intimidating, there are so many ways from the very simple to the very complicated to use them in the classroom.

The webinar I just participated in discussed “blended learning” as a combination of formal education in the classroom and online education done at the student’s own leisure (at home or during free time). They also discussed the benefits of a “flipped classroom,” where most of the direct instruction is computer based, and class time is used mostly to deepen understanding and practice skills in a group setting. 

This type of situation requires an understanding of the available resources and a certain comfort level on the part of the teacher. This definitely takes time. While this technology is new to us, we can only use it in the best ways we know how. I hope that as your Math coach, I will be able to bring new ideas in regards to technology to your classrooms and help to make your Math instruction easier for you and for your students. 

At the end of the webinar, a resource was given. Looking at it quickly, it seems to be an excellent database for activities and games to reinforce standards-based lessons. While not every standard is addressed, the games and activities would definitely generate student interest for the lessons that relate.

These lessons are designed for a smart board, but you can definitely project the game through Apple TV to demonstrate. Your students could play independently. The resources available on this site are free- hopefully you will be able to use them.

To access DreamBox Teacher Tools, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 1.02.55 PM

Quote from the webinar that reinforces the idea of student-centered, 21st century learning 




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