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Greg Tang Math

I recently revisited Greg Tang’s mathematics site, and it is a fantastic resource with our new technology component in the classrooms. If you don’t know about this site, it is based on Singapore Math. Greg Tang is described as a “math missionary” and is extremely passionate about all things Math.

The point of Greg Tang’s site is to help students develop better problem-solving and computational skills. He presents material in a very broad spectrum. He has online versions of his children’s books that are available to view and interact with online. There is a game called “Kakooma” that helps students practice fluency from grades K-5. There are teacher resources, links to instructional videos (Khan academy), and other games for students at all levels.

This is directly from the site: “Every activity has been designed to teach a critical skill or strategy while providing the repetition and practice required for mastery. Most importantly, each stays true to the ideal that teaching and learning should be clever and fun. None of our games use non-math activities to incent students to play. The hook of every game is the math itself and students spend every second doing math. It is all math, all the time.”

Definitely a valuable resource to check out! Greg Tang’s site can be accessed by clicking here.


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