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Calendar Math: How does it fit in?

I have heard echoed how challenging it can be to fit your Math Workshop (or just regular Math instruction) into the current scheduled Math block. I thought I’d share a really great idea that I saw today. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how to extend your current math time and incorporate Calendar Math without taking up too much extra time.

This second grade teacher has a Calendar Math station as part of her Math Workshop. Students know that when they arrive at this station, they must take out their Math journals and complete the steps on the chart. This would work in any grade, you’d just have to change the poster/journal. In K-1, students might have a folder or notebook with pre-copied pages where they simply fill in the information. In the upper grades, a journal where they list information is more appropriate.

Something else that I really liked was the fact that she left the last 3 spaces blank. That way, she could add some problem solving or a skill that they had focused on the day before to the daily Calendar Math routine.

If you make Calendar Math one of your centers, then you can add on the 20-30 minute block of time and increase the total time of your Math lesson. This also makes Calendar Math interactive and meaningful to your students.

Here are some examples of charts and posters across grade levels that are used for Calendar Math.

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