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CEU: Launching the Math Workshop

Thank you to everyone who signed up for today’s CEU! I hope you find it informative and useful as you attempt Math Workshop in your own classroom.

Here are the resources I shared today- hopefully you can use these files or modify them so they work for you.

Launching the Math Workshop: This is the PowerPoint that was presented at today’s meeting. The pages with orange headings contain videos for you to explore on your own.

Math Workshop 3-5 Evaluations: These can be used in 3-5 classrooms or modified for K-2 (smiley faces or pictures instead of number scales) so students can be held accountable for their work.

Math Center Folders: These are the shortened version of the center/station folders I have used in 3rd and 4th grade. I used a font that not everyone has, so I’m sorry if the formatting is off.

Math Center Folders: This is the PDF version, so the font will be fine.

Math Center Folders 4 and 5: These are a little more wordy for the upper grades.

rules and expectations stations: These are different versions of the rules and expectations that I created.

station expectations poster: This is a larger version of the Station Expectations to print and post in your room.

shortened station expectations poster: This is the version I’ve been using for 3rd grade.


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