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Awesome Problem Solving Resource: Bedtime Math!

I learned about a fantastic website today that I’d like to share. Allison W. from Ardena has used this in her classroom as a problem solving station. She told me that she is selective about the problems, and goes through them to find one that is relevant/appropriate for what her students are working on. The students must read a short story or article and answer 3-4 leveled math questions relating to what they’ve read.

These would be great to use for daily problem solving activities, for Math Workshop or just as a warm up to your day or daily math routine.

It is also available as an app to download for the younger grades. You could tell parents about the app and they truly could do the math at bedtime, as the site intends it to be done.

This is definitely worth checking out…thanks Allison! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.17.20 PM


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