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A great book for your list…

Primary teachers have been coming to me with questions on how to make Math Workshop work in the K-2 classroom. The biggest issue is incorporating a “problem solving” station into their rotation. With many kids that are emergent readers, it’s hard for them to read and solve problems.

I was recently doing some work in a first grade classroom where the teacher had this amazing book. Each problem is common core standards based, and gives students a short story/situation that relates to the 4-6 problems they have to solve.

Since her class contained several non-readers, we put an app on the iPad to record a teacher reading the math stories aloud. That way, the student could go to the station and listen to the story, then solve the problems independently.

This book also exists for grades 2-6. The pages are colorful, laminated, and perforated so really all you need to do is punch out the pages and you’re ready to go. There are also options for “challenge” work if students are at a higher level or finish early. It would make an excellent primary problem solving center and is pretty low prep on the teacher’s part.

The 2-3 version can be viewed/purchased here.

The 4-6 version can be viewed/purchased here.

*I also saw them on eBay and Amazon, so definitely shop around if you’re interested! Or find someone who already has them and is nice enough to let you photocopy 🙂

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