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PARCC Student Workshop: Information for Teachers

Here is some helpful information for students and teachers having PARCC practice sessions.

PARCC Online: PARCC’s main page, contains information for parents, teachers, and students. Also links to practice tests.

PARCC Training: Here you can access test trainer manuals/tutorials. Your students can also take the tutorial familiarizing them with the tools (or take it again if they’ve already taken it). It’s a good way for them to get the “playing” out of their system…there are lots of new tools and lots of options. To access the tutorial, click “View Test Preparation,” “Tutorials,” and select the “TestNav8 Tutorial.”

PARCC Practice Tests: It’s a good idea to have your students practice the grade(s) below them (if applicable- sorry 3rd grade). Student results will NOT be scored! I highly recommend using a document like this parcc record sheet to have students record their answers and then check with the answer keys.

Types of Questions/Samples: Click on grade 3, grade 4, or grade 5 to access your grade level’s question samples. These cannot be actually answered, but give you a good idea of what types of problems your students should expect.

PARCC Problems of the Week: I just created this page today, so please bear with me! I plan on posting a problem each week for grades 3, 4, and 5. The answers will be posted the following week, but on the page where it says “For Teachers.” Feel free to project, print, or otherwise post these problems weekly to get your classes ready!

PARCC Training 3-5: If you want to present this information to staff, parents, or students, this might be a good way to do so. I created this for a student presentation of PARCC information.

Howell’s PARCC Page: Information for parents, students, and teachers.


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