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For your iPads…

K-2 teachers (and upper grades too)– here are two great Math site for you to bookmark to your iPads!

The first is called Hooda Math, and there are over 500 Math games. They are fun and engaging, and very transferrable to the iPad without having to download an app. You can choose either grade level or Math topic. The only issue with this site is that there are LOTS of ads, so I would do a quick review of what not to click before introducing this. But definitely worth bookmarking on your iPads if you are doing Math stations.

The site is

The second is IXL Math. This is fantastic because it’s standards based. Choose the grade level and standard you want to focus on, and then you get a quiz. For each question, there is the option for it to be read out loud (great for K-1!!). The students choose their answer, and if it’s wrong, it tells them the correct answer/why they got it wrong. You can also see their score at the end.

IXL Math can be found at

If you are unsure about how to add these to your home screen, it’s very easy!

First, go to the site you want to bookmark. Then, click the rectangle button with the upwards arrow- it’s located to the right of the forward/back buttons on the top of the Safari screen. This is the button you’d also use to airdrop.

Next, look at the bottom of the pop-up menu. You will see a button that says “Add to Home Screen.” It has a plus sign on it. Tap the add button, and then tap “add” again when prompted.

After you add the site to your home screen, it should appear when you swipe to the right. Hold down the icon until it jiggles, and then drag it over to the “Math” folder.

Now every time your class needs to go to a certain site, all they have to do is tap the icon and it will take them there.

If you are having difficulty with this, please don’t be afraid to ask!


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