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Frontrow is amazing!

Right before break, I learned about this program and saw it in action. Since then, I’ve been visiting classrooms and helping teachers to set up their classes and get started with it. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to ask for help or just get started on your own! It really is phenomenal. I have seen it in action and the data that you can collect on your students is just amazing. I’m also holding a CEU workshop in March if you want to learn more!

What I love about FrontRow:

-It’s FREE!

-It’s very easy to use, for teachers and for students.

-It is self-leveling/differentiating.

-It is appropriate for kids grades K-8.

-You can print out differentiated worksheets with one click. (great for workshops!)

-You can look at a list of standards and see where students fall.

-It’s easy to email reports to parents.

-It’s a computer based quizzing program, where some answers are entered by typing and some are multiple choice- very PARCC-like.

-Kids love it.

-It can be accessed at home, at school, on a computer, or on a tablet/phone.

-It’s specific: students work by domain, so your results are specific.

-There’s an element of fun- they get to dress a pig in different outfits they buy from getting coins.

-There is an element of friendly competition. (kids aren’t singled out by level- they are put on a ‘team’ with other students and can advance based on the number of points they get, at whatever level they’re working)

-Kids aren’t singled out by level, instead they all work together to improve.

-There are great accommodations: reading text aloud, video help, etc.

-It is a great tool for grouping kids.

-It’s easy. And it’s free!

Please let me know if you would like me to come in and demo this for your class! You will not be disappointed. 🙂


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