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New PARCC Practice Tests

The PARCC has released the PBA (performance based assessment) practice test on their website. You can access it directly by clicking here, or go to the Howell PARCC website and look under the parent, student, or teacher links.

The PBA will be given in March. Since we have few practice tests available to us, it would definitely be a good idea to use this resource in your classroom. The test has fewer questions than the EOY test that we’ve had access to, and the format is more consistent with what the students will take in March.

In the TestNav8 tutorials, there is no information about filling in boxes for Math PBA questions. Therefore, I would definitely recommend taking some time to explain the different tools to your students before they try this practice test. You can do this by just opening up the test and advancing to a question where a short answer is necessary.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.23.17 AM
This is an example of an open ended PBA question. Notice the tools on the right that can be accessed to help explain students’ answers.

The other benefit to giving this test is the length. The EOY tests are around 40 questions long, and while it’s recommended that we give these tests in sections, the PBA test is less intimidating at first look for the students. The 3rd grade test only has 17 questions, and so a real practice run is a little more realistic with this test vs. the EOY verson.

Please let me know if you would like me to come in and work with your class leading up to the PARCC! I have been working with some 3-5 teachers on workshops, problem solving strategy groups, and general PARCC practice and would be happy to come in to your classroom. This is an intimidating test for everyone, but with the right tools, students and teachers can feel less stressed and more prepared to face the PARCC in March.


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