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Checking the PARCC Practice Test

I’ve talked to many teachers and students about the downfall of the PARCC online practice tests…they don’t score your work! I have had the experience myself where I finished the test, clicked submit, and waited to see my results. When it didn’t get scored and I couldn’t backtrack, I realized that the site doesn’t check your work for you.

As I’ve visited classrooms, I’ve been giving students this paper to both show their work and record their answers. It’s kind of a pain, but at least when computers freeze or students accidentally click “submit” like I did, they have backup. In most 3-5 classrooms, this paper has been enough space for students to work. Sometimes they require extra scrap paper, and 1″ graph paper is always recommended.

If they are taking the PBA, I have students take a screenshot of the answer. Again, it’s time consuming to teach them how to screenshot (command+shift+3 for a whole screen shot, command+shift+4 for selected) but it helps you score their work in the end and makes the test itself less intimidating (they don’t have to type an open ended answer AND write it).

Here is the document I’ve been using for kids to record their work. If you’re doing the PBA, you need the first and second pages only. The EOY tests have a greater number of problems.

parcc answer sheet larger spaces


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