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PARCC POW: 2 ways to use

I shared my PARCC Problem of the Week site throughout the district a while ago, but wanted to make it available in another format. This might be better to use if you are showing the problem to the whole class, or you want to start your morning with the problem of the week.

If you need the site, it’s

If you’d like to download a digital version of the problems, they can be accessed here. Just be aware- the problems are the same as the POW site. The future problems are the ones I will be posting in the next few weeks, so if you want to continue using these once a week, you will see the same problems on the site.

I created answer slides, so after your class completes the question you can advance to the next slide to reveal the answer.

Remember- grade 3 teachers can use grade 3 only, but grade 4 can use 3-4, and 5 can use 3-5!

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

Grade 3: PARCC POW+ Answers

Grade 4: Math PARCC POW+ answers gr 4

Grade 5: Math POW PARCC Grade 5


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