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Helping your students with PBA answer keys…

If you want to practice the PBA test next week before your students take the real PARCC PBA, I created a document that might be helpful to you.

Since the test has several questions where a short answer must be given, and the site has been known to freeze and lose answers, I am recommending that all students write down their answers to practice PARCC tests on paper.

It would be tedious and unproductive to do this for the open ended questions where explanation is needed, so I’ve been telling students to take a screenshot of their answers for these questions*. Then, when we go over the answers, we can look at what they wrote.

These documents are for the grades 3-5 PBA tests: there are spaces for each answer and the students can show work directly on this paper. Additionally, it tells them which questions to screenshot.

Hopefully you can use this as you get ready for PARCC in these last few days!

Download the files here: PARCC Answers PBA Grade 3

PARCC Answers PBA Grade 4

PARCC Answers PBA Grade 5

*Take a screenshot of the entire screen by holding down Command+Shift+3. Take a screenshot of a small selection by holding down Command+Shift+4.


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