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St. Patrick’s Day Activity- Upper Grades/Enrichment


This is a project that my students in grade 4 Project GOAL worked on for all of Math class on Saint Patrick’s day. It is definitely a challenge! You can make it more teacher-guided if you’d like everyone to participate, or if you want to attempt in grade 3. It’s also something you could do with the ECG students, or as extra credit. It definitely tests those problem solving skills, and can be turned into a creative/persuasive writing assignment as well- have your students write up a speech or make a poster to convince Shannon’s dad to let her have the Lucky Charms.

The only materials you’ll need are Lucky Charms. I used one “serving” per partnership (I used a measuring cup and gave each group a cupful). You might want to have students work on this problem in groups of 3, and then you’ll use less Lucky Charms. You could also use store brand “Lucky Charms.”

Good luck- feel free to send me any feedback if you end up using this activity!

Download here: st pattys problem


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