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Fluency Games/Activities for Primary Grades

We all know how important fluency is when students are trying to understand more complex strategies in Math. If they don’t have mastery of their basic facts, their brain simply doesn’t have enough room to calculate both the basic fact and apply it to the more complicated strategy.

Bottom line? Students NEED to know their facts. I know that’s easier said than done, and it’s one more reason that teaching Math in a workshop or rotating format is beneficial to your students. If students practice their fluency daily, the strategies they learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply quickly will help them to achieve automaticity- which is what we want all of our students to have!

I came across these games that would work very well for a 1st/2nd grade classroom but could be adapted for older grades as well. Some can be laminated and reused, others would have to be copied. They might be helpful if you’re trying to create a fluency station not based on technology or just as extra practice.


Scratch Em Off

Addition squares

Race to 100

Plus 10 Squares

This interview might be good to conduct at the beginning of the year (sorry I’m just seeing it now!). You could even use it at your Teacher Station when you are introducing Workshop in the beginning of the year. The interview would give you an evaluation of your students’ current fluency levels and help you to determine if they are using successful strategies to find the facts they don’t know (and on their way to automaticity). Then you could retest at the end of the year to see their growth. You can file it away for next year! 🙂

Math Fact Automaticity Interview


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