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PARCC Problems of the Week

As many of you know, I won’t be returning as your Math Coach after spring break as I will be starting my maternity leave. I know that PARCC is the last thing on your mind the day before break, but hopefully you will find and be able to use this when we get back to prepare for the EOY test.

I won’t be updating my PARCC POW site, but if you haven’t seen or used it, you can start at any time and use any of the problems you’d like. They are all modeled after EOY problems, so it would definitely be a useful and relevant way to practice before the second round of testing. That site can be found here:

If you have been using the POW site every week, first of all, thanks! I’m glad you were able to use it and I hope it helped to prepare your students for the first round of testing. Since the site won’t be updated, I am attaching a PowerPoint file containing extra PARCC review questions for grades 3-5. It also has some tips in the beginning of the presentation that may be useful for your students. Again, use this as you see fit, but it might be a good way to replace the POW in your class from the time we get back from spring break until the testing begins.

additional parcc practice 3-5

Hope this helps! Have a wonderful, relaxing spring break and good luck with testing and the remainder of the school year!



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